Wednesday, July 06, 2011


A good start to anyone's birthday is seeing a parrot in the pilot's seat. So Mark, your 26th year is off to a grand start!

- I even got a fast snapshot of this so pic coming soon. -

This morning on the way to work (we drove today because it's a rainy one) we saw a live parrot on the hand of a man who was driving somewhere. Somewhere that looks fun because he had some kayaks and a parrot on his hand. How cool is that! I wouldn't have noticed this phenomenon if it wasn't for the fact that we just got back from small town Decatur where we discussed the importance of looking at people traveling in cars because more than likely you'll see someone you know. I guess I was still in that mind set and glanced over to see if I knew the person with kayaks on their car.

So tonight we're celebrating Mark's Birthday with a BBQ of meat on top of meat. Tim and his friend Prince (who grew up in Austria ;) ) are over and they've been cheffing it up like Culinary Institute of America students should. I bet Mark can't wait for the meat feast tonight! (Sadly JJ has to work so he will get the left overs :( ) I will do up a spinach salad because I think we need some greens on the table and nothing screams summer like a salad.

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