Monday, August 11, 2008

Me and My Mallet

(Back and Blogging! After a lengthy hiatus from the “HA!”, I have decided it is high time to return!)
I will catch you all up on my new situation! I’m now teaching at a well accredited English institution which only requires me to work during the extremities of day. (So I have free time from to !) It’s a M-F gig (with the addition of two Saturdays each month) and it gives me time to practice both piano and flute and do other random things.

Today, I happened to run a few errands for some friends and myself, and once that was finished I decided to explore my neighborhood. Recently, I received a mirror from a neighbor and I’ve been meaning to get something to hang it up with. So I compulsively purchased a cheap mallet from a hardware store just down the road.
After showing the hardware store ajama (a Korean term used for any lady who is basically over 50) my mini mallet and holding a chopstick in the other hand, to resemble a hammer and nail scenario, she was able to conclude I needed nails. Under her cash box she pulled out a very large box with an assortment of nails, screws and enough nuts and bolts to build a small village and we finally settled on two nails that are perfect for the job.

We then siad our cheery good-bye and I turned to see a yoga mat planted outside her door... I picked that up as well and went along on my way! I walked for a while with my mallet, yoga mat and two nails exposed for all to see!

Later, I stopped at a chicken shop near my place and bought a small chicken for a tasty meal in the near future. This is a store that sells ONLY chickens and eggs and she cuts it up for you on a very large, circular tree stump. I noticed that the store also sells a few twigs and bark for those who wish to grill their chicken over a fire (remember... twigs and bark) for a unique taste and enchanting aroma. (It really does smell fragrant so I’d like to test it out someday!)

As I was walking up the hill to my home I chortled to myself and thought, "what a special combination of items I have in my hands."

So today was just me, a mallet, a yoga mat, two nails and a chicken...