Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beautiful Bern!

Is that reall... what a sky!

The bears are ALIVE!

These feet were made for walkin... but I don't know if that's what they'll do...

Those are ants on our blankets... but we didn't complain.
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Anne's Birthday!

We all got together for Anne's B-day in.... BERN SWITZERLAND.

Another glimpse of this pretty city.
Is there something missing here?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wilfred goes to Munich

Wilfred had a wonderful time in Salzburg! After a bit of tears he was ready to head to Munich.

Anne was pleasantly pleased with the magical city of Salzburg. I know I love it and I don't know how anyone could not! Off we go to Munich!

Anne gave a mini concert in the Steintheater. I didn't know she could sing like that :)

THE gazebo from the Sound of Music. (Anne informed me that they made a larger one for the actual movie though. She would know because she went on the Sound of Music Tour and had a wonderful time.)
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Salzburg Fun with Anne

Still in Salzburg. The weather was wonderful and we walked all day long. Found some statues to play with.
Something, I'm afraid, is not to their liking.

This here is the Steintheater or stone theater. The first ever German speaking opera was held here. Amazing! Although, it looks more like a playground now. I made Anne clim a mountain practically to get here...
Us after looking at the beautiful city from above.
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Monday, April 24, 2006


Easter Time!
Anne enjoying some delicious TURKEY Wienerschnitzel.

Wilfred and Anne really wanted to go on a bus ride, so they took the opportunity when it presented itself.

My favorite city!

Anne and I were excited to be in the fortress. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wilfrerd meets Statue

Wilfred meets Darth Vader Posted by Picasa

On the Way to School

Signs of spring! Posted by Picasa

Play time!

Wilfred thinks it's play time! Check mate!  Posted by Picasa

Wilfred at my Favorite Coffee Shop

Wifred geting some coffee at Frauenbergers... we're all fans of Frauenbergers! Just north of the Salzach and they give you a HUGE cup of coffee unlike all the other places in town. Posted by Picasa

Wilfred 1

Wilfred's waiting for the bus. Posted by Picasa

Bye Bye Venice

What a wonderful, unforgetable weekend... Anne and I didn't want to part from eachother or this dazzling city. Truly just a magnificent dream... Posted by Picasa

Saying Good Bye to Venice

Pleasantly pleased by Venice and delicious gelato Posted by Picasa

Cute Painter girl

Artist at work Posted by Picasa

Yay Venice

we were sernaded by the passing gondola Posted by Picasa

Steer Clear Ahead

Wilfred manning the ship! Posted by Picasa

Venice 1

Breathtaking Posted by Picasa

Hotel in Venice

We spent the night with lions Posted by Picasa