Friday, January 13, 2006


Oooo LOOK at those SLIPPERS! Posted by Picasa

Nutella Nights

Can't start a new Year without Nutella! Ceremony night for Wilfred. Posted by Picasa

Alterra the Great

Best cup of joe EVER! Posted by Picasa

Rembrant Exhibit

Yeah Milwaukee Art Museum! Yeah Rembrandt!  Posted by Picasa

Pause Point and Shoot!

Tom, kATie, Anne and I are on the way to the Rembrandt exhibit! As you can see the sidewalks are shiny... Milwaukee has great side walks by the way ;)!Posted by Picasa


Um i think that night we barely slept... Posted by Picasa

Night of the Wilfred ceremony

Ready for Bed! YEAH SLEEPOVERS! I forgot my Little Mermaid sleeping bag though.... Posted by Picasa

To Milwaukee we go!

Katie's takin us to MILWAUKEE! WOOT WOOT! We listened to Christmas tunes all the way to Rommie Anne's house! Fun adventures! Posted by Picasa


Yeah starbucks. In M-city after a visit to the lighthouse mall. WOot GAP! Posted by Picasa