Monday, August 08, 2011

Throwing in the towel...

That is, throwing in the towel into my gym bag. ;)  Today is the start of a new exercise regime that requires goggles + swim cap + towel = swimming. This is all thanks to my silly slip down up and falling on my ankle last Wednesday during my lunch time jog.
This here is what it looks like today. Less swollen now and some of the bruising is going down but at least I have this picture to remind me not to make the same mistake ever again. This was just a bad birthday present to myself.

 So what happened you ask? I was enjoying my music and the beautiful weather just jogging along and leaping (because that's what I do) and my last leap just happened to be a bit further down than I had estimated so I landed straight on my ankle. Woopsie! A tremendous sharp pain shot through my body, some dark words were said, and I immediately laid down on my back cursing at the sky while holding my foot. Two people walked by but they were in their own world and even though I waved I guess they just didn't see me. A guy came over but he didn't really seem to want to help me up if I had someone else that I knew who could come and help, so he walked off.  I called Mark for help but he was in Target where there's no reception so I couldn't get a hold of him but luckily I've got some awesome friends at work and Emily came to my rescue. 

That evening I couldn't bare any weight on it and up until Sunday I was using crutches. On the upside of this Dr. Mark has been helping me A TON with getting around and all. I'm pretty much feeling super spoiled... PLUS I got to use all those fantastic motorized scooters at the grocery store. We were in Georgetown at Whole Foods (our first time there) and it felt like Disney World all over again riding along through the isles on the scooter. I was so shocked too, since DC has a reputation for being unfriendly, that everyone was so willing to help me reach for things and asking what happened and just so NICE. This was my first experience of folks being just really nice here in DC.

The thing I don't understand is when Mark and I are together a lot of older people ask "OH! Did he do that to you? "  Of course everyone's joking but I don't understand how people think of that as the first thing to say. That bugged me.

Anyways, I'm throwing in the towel on leaping for a few weeks but I have a feeling this incident is not going to stop me completely. :)

I read online to start off slow if you haven't been swimming for a long time even if your a regular land exerciser. I wonder if I can go for 30 minutes at least... Soon to find out! :)

Jen :~D

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Betty said...

Ouch Jenni!
Guess I have to keep up with your blog to see whats been happening. Sorry to hear you were laying in pain with little help for awhile. How did the swimming go?
Aunt Betty