Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fluteing in My Tiny Apartment

So on days that I go to the store I usually don't make it back to the apartment until 8:15 or so. This evening I rushed back and warmed up to my decision to just see what happens if I practice in my apartment. Already I know that the walls can't possibly be too thin because I NEVER hear anyone below, above or beside me. With a pit in my stomach and a pinch in my throat I blew the first note... a low D...
any noises... any reactions from above... no!... phew... practicing can commence.
After the first 15 minutes and a few stares at the walls and floors--looking frightened as if a neighbor who was disturbed could possibly be seen through these surfaces--I worked up enough gumption to play Daphnis et chloe. About 3 minutes passed and this seriously loud bell tone and Korean voice rang through an intercom that I didn't even know I had. So there it was. I could no longer practice...

Well, that's what I thought. It turns out that was some sort of warning system that rings throughout the entire building. WHO KNEW! Well at least Pam and Samarra knew so they informed me it was OK and I'm feeling like I can practice once again.

--No one cried in class today! That's totally worthy of being blogged!--

--Tomorrow I will definitely be an official alien--

--I wish I could work with the people I work with right now for the rest of my life!--

--The Radio stations here teach English at 6 AM! I'm so impressed everyday at how they value education and not just English.
They also have a US military radio station that I find very annoying and disturbing; from their broadcasters to their music selection... I just won't turn to it again... nevertheless it's a shame this media base is representing the US--

--Truly I believe it is OK for me to stereotype Korean men as equally vain as the Korean women. They both stop at any mirror in the subway just as often as the other. And it was probably the men who installed the many yes MANY mirrors in the subway terminals. I say somebody needs to get some wind in their hair and some dirt on their shoes! :D--

--So far I don't feel like I know Korea at all...she really is a bit intimidating, however now that I feel MUCH better and my sniffles are gone I'm going to explore much more this weekend and try my darndest to get to know her! Getting to Know You!-here->--

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