Sunday, January 27, 2008

Notes for a Seoul!

Please stop making me cough! Every time I go outdoors you seem to make it worse. I know this is the initiation process for every new foreigner but still... Couldn’t you cut back on the generosity?

I am aware that all the traffic and the lights are probably not ideal for the environment; nevertheless, I still find it all very pretty! Especially because it’s all right out my big picture window. The hustle and bustle is nice and not too overwhelming!
Thank you for all the stairs! I know they seem a bit daunting sometimes but at least I feel like I’m getting a bit more exercise than I normally would.

I promise to study your Hangul alphabet more so your newspapers won’t seem so cryptic.
Next week I plan to visit more that you have to offer, that is, if you promise to help me get rid of this nasty cold!
A many happy cheers to your week Seoul!


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