Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coin Machines are fantastic!

(Posted one day late because of technical difficulties)

Last night (Monday night) it was time to take the pennies in for a spin so we walked down to the neighborhood grocery store in Shirlington and dropped 816 pennies into the Coinstar and screamed Hallelujah!

Now what is the best thing to buy with these pennies turned into dollars?


So there we were perusing the ice cream isle which is really a place that I avoid at all costs becuase ice cream is my ultimate weakness.  Cake, Cookies, Candy... y'all got nothing compared to the creamy frozen deliciousness that surfaces the streets and picnic tables in the spring and summer.  If it's in the house I tend to want to eat it everyday, anyday, anytime, so we tried to get something that was more or less in individual servings but seeing that we were at one of the most expensive chain grocery stores, Harris Teeter, their selection for individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches and bars where TOO expensive ($7 for a box of 5 bars)... Silly DC prices....

After spending 10 minutes in the ice cream isle alone we settled on the Blue Bunny brand ice cream which had a 2/$5 sale. We went from a pretty standard rule of no ice cream in the house to 2 boxes of ice cream sitting in my freezer just to taunt and tease me.

Now you're probably thinking why are you telling me about your ice cream purchase. Well there is a story. This was the first time I test spooned this famous Blue Bunny ice cream where everytime there's a sighting in the store Mark shouts excitedly "Blue Bunny ice cream is from Texas!"  Even one time he suggested it to a lady at Walmart saying "Yeah, that ice cream is great because it's from Texas!"
We took our time walking back home and a mile later the ice cream was halfway melted. I dished it out fast and sampled it slowly thinking gosh this is good ice cream! Go Texas!

Later this morning I looked online to find out that this tasty ice cream is made in Le Mars, Iowa. The fact is Mark was thinking of Blue Bell ice cream which is from Brenham, Texas. 


Tah Dah! I finally caught him doing a false claim to fame for Texas! I'm only excited about this because he's always bragging about how things from Texas are godsent (which they are actually) AND he's always catching ME in action for making false claims of fame for Illinois. (There are a number of things that I thought began in Illinois or even in Decatur and I'm ususally wrong...)

Well anyways Good work Iowa! Blue Bunny is on the top of the list for ice cream and a good price. Now we'll see if that list changes once I actually get a real taste of Blue Bell ice cream.
Turns out today at work our building is giving out a free scoop of ice cream in exchange for a survey. Ice cream is EVERYWHERE!!!!! YAY!

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